Are You Taking Advantage of Amazon Giveaways?

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amazon giveaways

Did you know that has givaways? I’m not talking about the actual site giving things away, but the service they provide businesses. Amazon giveaways can be a great opportunity to win some fun stuff for your family or yourself.

To start entering giveaways, you need to go to this giveaway page first. There, you’ll see a list of open giveaways and can even sign up for notifications. ┬áBut, we recommend reading the rest of the post first!

How Amazon Giveaways Work

amazon giveaways
A few giveaways on the day this post was written.

First things first, Amazon giveaways are only for U.S. residents, unfortunately. If you fit that description, though, you’re in luck! (It may be possible to enter if you have a U.S. address, but we haven’t verified this.)

Each giveaway is run by a different person or business and they choose what to give away. Sometimes, it’s their own product, sometimes it’s someone else’s. There are many reasons they might be doing the giveaway, but it’s always to boost visibility.

Since the Amazon giveaways are all held by different people, they will have different requirements. Some want you to follow their page on Facepage, others require an email. You’ll need to decide how much you’re willing to do in order to get that chance at winning.

At the end of the giveaway, the winners will be notified and the prize shipped to you if you’re one of them. The person or business hosting the giveaway pays shipping and all the fees, as well as the actual price of the item.

How You Can Increase Your Chances of Winning Amazon Giveaways

Who doesn’t want to win something awesome? If you’re like me, however, you probably get sick of entering giveaways and sweepstakes only to never win. There are a few ways to boost your chances of winning on Amaon giveaways, though nothing is ever for sure, of course.

  1. Enter everything. The more you enter, the more likely you are to win something! There are so many great giveaways that it’s worth entering them all . . . if you have the time.
  2. Start with the best odds. You’ll notice that the giveaways show you the odds of winning . . . and you can take advantage of this. Enter the ones with the best odds first. If you only have a few minutes, you want to enter those with the best chances of winning. So, if there is a giveaway that states 1 in 1000 wins and another that says 1 in 8000 wins, go for the 1 in 1000 first.
  3. Read the instructions. Make sure you’ve fulfilled the requirements in order to enter the giveaway. If you don’t, you won’t qualify and it’s a wasted entry.
  4. Go for the most prizes. Some giveaways have one grand prize, which can be worth a lot, but many of them will offer several prizes. You can look for the Amazon giveaways that have 10 or more prizes for better chances of winning.
  5. Get notifications. At the top of the giveaways page, you can sign up to recieve notifications when new giveaways pop up. Sign up for that and you’ll be able to get in on the newest giveaways right off the bat.

Have you ever won anything from Amazon giveaways? If not, why not start now?


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