Awesome Subscription Boxes for Kids

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best subscription boxes for kids

Subscription boxes for kids abound, but they’re not all as great as they sound. The ones on our list are the ones you’ll want to give your kids as gifts.

Subscription boxes are a wonderful idea for a Christmas gift, since they keep giving and giving, all year round. Depending on the interests of the child, there is a box for them! From books to science, to travel, there’s something for every kid on your list. The best part is, these gifts will really make a difference in a child’s life.

Best Subscription Boxes for Kids

Which subscription boxes are ideal for kids? Here are our favorites.

Subscription Boxes for Readers

Do your kids enjoy books and reading? Then they’ll love these subscription boxes for kids who love to read.

Book subscription boxes

Ages 1+

Get three books delivered every single month for your child. It’s a terrific gift that keeps on giving! You can choose your child’s age and change it at any time to change the range of books that you receive. The club actually offers adult subscription boxes, too, so it could be one stop shopping for your entire gift list.


Subscription Boxes for Builders

If your child loves to build, then these subscription boxes for kids are just the right ones for your little one.

Brick Loot

subscription boxes for kids

Ages 5-14

Who doesn’t love LEGO? And what kid wouldn’t want MORE bricks and special minifigs delivered every month to their doorstep? These boxes include custom LEGO kits, custom mini figures, accessories and other exclusives that your child will love to have!

Subscription Boxes for Scientists

My middle son loves to come up with unique ways to solve problems and challenges . . . as well as make up his own potions and experiments. These are the subscription boxes that appeal to kids like him!

Little Passports Science Expeditions

Science subscription boxes for kids

Ages 9+

This subscription box is designed to get your kids experimenting and learning, so it’s fun, as well as a great gift. Each kit comes with a set of themed experiments to do, along with a 16 page comic book full of information. Your kids can also get bonus content online, which is always a blast!


space box

Does your little scientist have a particular affinity for space? Then they’ll really enjoy this particular subscription service. It’s simpler than most subscription boxes in that you only get a postcard, but it’s packed with tons of info about your galaxy. You can arrange for monthly, biweekly or weekly postcards so your kids always get their own mail.

Box of Challenge

subscription boxes for kids

Ages 8+

Want a challenge? You’ve got it! While this is technically a subscription box for kids, it’s just as appealing to adults, so you may find yourself getting involved in the fun. Each month, a box arrives with puzzles, inspirational ideas and brainteasers to get you thinking and doing. It’s perfect for the brainiac scientist in your home . . . or all of you, really.

Subscription Boxes for Crafters

For those kids who have a blast creating art and designing their own crafts, the following boxes are a good choice and one that will become the highlight of each month.

Bramble Box

crafty subscription boxes for kids

Ages 3-7

This unique craft box shows up every month with several fun activities and imaginative play ideas tucked inside. It’s also a family run business, so you’re supporting another family when you subscribe. They also offer one time boxes, if you just want a holiday fun pack!

Little Loving Hands

subscription box gifts

Ages 5-10

Here’s a unique subscription gift that helps kids give back. First, they receive a box and all the supplies to do a fun craft. Once they’re done, though, you don’t keep the craft to clutter up your home, you put it in a mailer (provided) and send it off to help someone in need. Pretty neat, huh?

Subscription Boxes for Adventurers

These are subscription boxes for kids who love to explore and learn about the world around them. If your little one loves to travel or go on adventures, these are the boxes for them.

Little Passports

Travel subscription boxAges 3-10

This subscription service is really neat and they have options for every age. Yes, you saw this in the Scientist section, too, but their main offerings are travel boxes. You have the World or USA edition for older kids and the Early Explorers option for younger kiddos. Children receive a suitcase and passport, plus map, at the beginning, then each box includes photos, souvenirs from the month’s country, plus stickers for the passport and map. Kids can also jump online to play travel games and learn more about the countries.

Geek Box

geeky subscription boxes

Ages 11+

Subscription boxes for kids aren’t just for the littles. Your teens will go nuts over the geeky products in these boxes. Depending on the box you choose, you can get anywhere from 4 geeky fun items up to 8 or more. There’s even an ultimate box that gives you bigger items. Hint, this also works for your spouse or another big kid!

Subscription Boxes Just for Fun

These boxes may not fit any particular category, but that doesn’t make them any less fun! They’re packed with neat activities and toys or games that your kids will look forward to getting every month.

Walt Life 

Disney subscription box

Ages 2+

Are you and your family Walt Disney fans? Then you won’t want to miss out on these amazing boxes, packed with everything a Disney fan would love. You’ll get tons of neat products from the Disney store, parks, resorts and even Downtown Disney, without having to ever step foot outside your home.

The Awesome Pack

Awesome subscription packs

Ages 6+

This box is full of, well, awesome stuff. Each box includes a game, an activity, a smaller adventure item and some random items. It’s a box that works for the whole family, so it makes a particularly good family gift!

Hoot for Kids

subscription boxes for kids

Ages 0-6

Got smaller children who need a box? This service is just right for the littler kids in the family. You’ll get at least three amazing toys for your child in each monthly box. There’s plenty of fun to be had and you can select the option that best suits your child’s age and development.

Do you have a favorite subscription box for kids? Share it with us in the comments!

best subscription boxes for kids

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  1. I love subscription boxes! It’s always a surprise to see what you get. The way you broke them down into what type of child they would appeal to also makes it easier to choose. Thank you for sharing.

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