10 Ways to Earn Extra Money for Christmas

As Christmas rapidly approaches (seriously, every year goes by faster!), you’re probably starting to think about Christmas presents and all the expenses that come with the holiday. You might wantto earn extra money for Christmas, if you haven’t budgeted accordingly. After all, the expenses can go on and on . . .

  • Travel costs
  • Food costs for the Dinner (especially if you’re hosting)
  • Gifts
  • Decorations (not a necessity since you can make your own, but sometimes it’s nice to buy!)
  • Donations (‘Tis the season!)

So, with that in mind, I’ve come up with some of the best ways to earn extra money for Christmas! I’ve personally tried most of these, so you know they actually work.

10 Ways to Earn Extra Money for Christmas

Get started today with this list of easy ways to earn some cash for the holidays. Some are easier than others, but they’re all things that are feasible.

5 ways 469x1024 1 11. Sell Crafts

Are you good at knitting, crocheting, sewing, etc.? If so, now is the time to start making some money with those talents! While you can obviously sell stuff online on sites like Etsy, it’s also very possible to sell on your own Facebook or Instagram page. Just about anything people love is perfect, but you might want to focus on items that can be used as Christmas gifts or decorations. Handmade dolls, blankets, toys, and decorations are all good options.

Get Started: Set up a Facebook page, invite all your friends, and start taking orders. Post your items for sale and let people know what shipping costs are. Don’t forget to set order deadlines for those who want Christmas gifts. It can also help to have a few items ready to go.

2. Sell Your Food

Do you enjoy cooking? Are people always raving about your baked goods? Make some moolah off it! While you may not be permitted to set up a proper catering company out of your home in your area, you can certainly offer some goodies to friends and family. Top sellers this time of year include:

  • Christmas cookies
  • Pies and tarts
  • Full on dinners that can be frozen, like chicken pot pie
  • Holiday dinners for 1 or 2

Get Started: Post a photo of your product on your FB or Instagram and let people know you are taking orders. Have a specific date to get their orders in and let them know when they can pickup or if you deliver. If you choose to deliver, don’t forget to factor in gas costs.

3. Clean a House

As a mom, you probably have the whole housecleaning thing down pat by now. It’s annoying, for sure, but that can actually work in your favor if you want to earn extra money for Christmas. Other people don’t want to bother with cleaning, either, so you can make some money cleaning for them.

Get Started: Jump on the classified sites in your area, including Facebook pages, and let people know that you’re available to clean for special occasions or as a one time thing (unless you want recurring jobs, of course). Schedule your cleaning times for days when you have kids in school or someone else to watch them. Grab your cleaning supplies and get busy! Bonus hint: Try offering levels of cleaning . . . Lite, Medium, and OMG-my-MIL-is-coming!

4. Do Some Jobs on mTurk

This is one of my favorite ways to earn extra money for Christmas when shopping on Amazon. mTurk is actually part of Amazon and you can get paid in gift cards for the site, which means it’s easy to order items without anyone else knowing. If you are at home all day and have no other means of making money, mTurk is a fun option. You won’t get super rich, but I’ve made $150-300 a month there.

Get Started: Sign up here for mTurk. You will be completing mini tasks called Hits and these earn you some money. When you first start out, you’ll make just a few cents per Hit, but as you “level up” you will begin to see better paying jobs. Some even pay $10 for a short gig. It takes some time for the money to get to your account, so start now.

5. Offer Holiday Child Care

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Image via Ken Bosma

Everyone needs to get some shopping done and it’s not all online. Help other moms get their shopping done by providing babysitting services in your home or theirs. This is a great option if you have a kid or two of your own. Charge a reasonable price and offer snacks or lunch so the parents can spend the entire day getting those holiday errands done. You can also specify evening or overnight care for parents who need to attend holiday parties.

Get Started: Let friends and family know that you’re offering a service and post on social media. You can set specific days to help people out, or work with their schedules, depending on how flexible you are.

6. Holiday Pet Sitting

For animal lovers, this is the perfect job. Lots of people travel during the holidays, so if you are available to walk their dog and feed their cats, you could end up with some extra money for Christmas. Add on some extras like watering plants and turning on different lights.

Get Started: Again, social media is your friend. You can also list your services on local classifieds sites. Make sure you get a 50% deposit ahead of time so you’ll actually have money to go Christmas shopping. The rest you’ll get after the holidays, but that could be perfect for starting your new year off with a bang.

7. Look for a Seasonal Job

During the holidays, things get crazy with the last minute shoppers. This means stores often need extra employees for a month or two. It’s not a long term commitment, but can help you earn extra money for Christmas and you often get an employee discount, too. Depending on the company, you may even find it possible to work nights stocking shelves, etc. so you’re free to sleep and be a mom during the day.

Get Started: Look in the classifieds for job listings or go to your favorite shops and ask if they’ll be hiring for the holidays. Make sure your resume is up to date and leave it wherever there’s some interest.

8. Teach English Online

There are a number of places where you can do this. One that I’ve used is PalFish, which is a mobile app and lets you conduct lessons with Chinese students. You can also try VIP Kids (I haven’t tried it, but you can read more here). For those who have another language they can teach, italki is a good option. They aren’t currently accepting English, but other languages are popular.

Get Started: Sign up for the site of your choice, fill out your profile, and start accepting students. It can take a while to get them sometimes, so you may need to try multiple sites.

9. Go On a Mystery Shop

My sister does this very successfully and it’s a great way to get some Christmas shopping done while making money. Basically, companies hire you to test their store and staff. You complete the task, write up a report and submit it. You’ll be reimbursed for the item you had to purchase, and get to keep it. For example, my sister has gotten quite a few meals for free (and been paid for the pleasure!), had two free trips to Build-a-Bear and received a number of household goods for her troubles. All this, on top of being paid for it.

Get Started: There are dozens of mystery shopping sites, so look for one that is active in your area. NEVER pay for access to companies. You might try Market ForceBest Mark, or Intelli Shop, all of which are reputable sites. Once you’ve signed up, you can apply for jobs that look interesting. Do a good job and you’ll get more and more assignments.

10. Deliver Food with UberEats

Driving with Uber or Lyft may sound appealing, but it’s tough for a mom to do this sort of thing with kids around. However, there’s another option that can help you earn extra money for Christmas . . . UberEats. This has you delivering food to people on your own schedule. It’s a good way to make a bit of extra cash, especially if you’re already out and about.

Get Started: Sign up on the UberEats site and set your schedule. If you only want to deliver during your toddler’s naptime or while your kids are in school, you can. Then start accepting orders.

Of course, there are dozens of other ways to earn extra money, for Christmas or just in general. Get your copy of “75 Sites That Pay Moms” by signing up below.

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