Table and Board Games for the Whole Family to Enjoy

Even if you don’t have a family game night (though I highly recommend it) there are times when a board game is just a good idea. Board games for the whole family to enjoy can be few and far between, so I’ve compiled the ones we love right here. Confession time, not all of these are actually BOARD games, hence the table games addition. Some are kind of card games, but they still count as awesome family fun.

Table and Board Games for the Whole Family

In order for a game to be fun for everyone in my family, it needs to appeal to adults, tweens and a five year old. That’s a pretty tall order, if you think about it! I’m sure you’ve played a few too many rounds of Go Fish before and gotten sick of it! These games are actually fun for everyone.


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Who doesn’t love destroying a family member? Trouble is easy enough for even preschoolers to understand, but the competitive edge is enough to keep adults playing, too! You have four pieces that need to move around the board and then into a safe haven. Your opponents can jump on you and send you back to start at any point, so you have to be smart!

Why it appeals: Kids love to send their parents flying back to home! But also? There’s a popup bubble with the dice inside that makes this game extra fun.


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This is basically the bigger version of Trouble, but it is just as much fun. It’s also handy in that you can replace the pieces if they get lost, since they just have to be the right color.

Why it appeals: Just like trouble, this game lets parents and kids send each other’s pieces back to home and it can become an epic battele that is a lot of fun.

Apples to Apples

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This is our family’s favorite game! Everyone gets a set number of cards with a noun or action on it, such as “leaping bunnies” or “Switzerland.” An adjective card is laid out in the middle and everyone puts down the card they have that best suits it. For example, the adjective may be “pretty” and the only cards you have are “spaghetti sauce” and “rock slides.”

Why it appeals: There is no end of laughs here. The cards are submitted anonymously, so everyone tries to defend their choice. We actually don’t play with a referee, but determine the winner by vote, which requires lots of lobbying. Just trust me, it’s insanely fun.

Spot It

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This is one of the non-board games I mentioned above. It’s actually a card game, stored in a neat little tin that makes a great stocking stuffer. You can get multiple editions of it, but they all boil down to this, match an image on your image packed, circular card, to one on someone else’s or the center card. You have to be observant to win this one.

Why it appeals: You need no language or reading skills to play this game! Since it is visually based, it’s easy for anyone to play, plus there are seven different variations to play with it. They also have a Hip Hop versionDory versionSports version, and several others!

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Remember playing this as a child? It’s amazingly just as fun now! The game has been updated, of course, but it’s just as exciting as back in the day. You get to race to be the first one to solve a crime by checking for clues in the various rooms of the mansion where it was committed. It’s actually a pretty clever game that is thoroughly enjoyable, though very young kids just won’t get it.

Why it appeals: There is just something about solving a mystery that really appeals to people of all ages! It also requires you to use deduction, so it’s kind of educational.

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If you haven’t played this game yet, get ready for some serious fun! This tower of blocks is a pain to set up, but it’s worth it for the fun. Everyone takes turns pulling or pushing a block out from the tower to place on top, creating a rather rickety structure.

Why it appeals: The challenge of working together to create the highest tower possible is pretty fun and exciting, plus the anticipation of it falling always gets everyone laughing.


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While this classic board game is for older children, it still made our list because it’s just fun. When I was a kid, we would play for hours and I was so proud when I finally beat my dad with a combination of words on the board that destroyed him.

Why it appeals: You feel super smart after you’ve placed the letter tiles to create a little known word!

Honorable Mentions!

Of course, there are dozens of other fun board games for families, but these ones are our personal favorites . . . games that have stood the test of time and are a great way to enjoy an evening with the kids. What’s your favorite board game to play with your family? Let us know in the comments.

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