17 Ways to Find Free or Cheap Books for Kids

We all know that reading is good for kids, but if you’re like me, you can’t really afford a full library. Fortunately, there are tons of sources for free or cheap books for kids. Let’s take a look at them.

Where to Get Free Books for Kids

Obviously, free is better than cheap, so let’s start with books you don’t even have to pay for!

1. Library

One of the best places to find free books for kids is the library. If you can’t actually get to the nearest library, consider finding out if they have an ebook program.

2. Hunt for Wild Books

Interested in finding books? Try BookScavenger to find books hidden around your area. It’s a little like treasure hunting or geo-cacheing, but with more literary designs. You can also try BookCrossing, but it isn’t as kid-oriented.

3. Book Exchanges

Sick of reading the same darn book to your kiddos? Then try exchanging books with other parents and get a bunch of new ones. It’s a fun way to refresh your library without having to spend a cent.

4. Gifts

Are people asking what to get your child for their birthday or Christmas? Ask for books! I’ve even seen baby showers where the mother-to-be asks for books for the baby instead of clothes.

5. Borrow

Did you know that Amazon’s Kindle program lets you share books with other people? If you don’t mind reading ebooks to your child, go ahead and find some mom friends and you can all share books around.

6. Gramma’s Attic

Have you asked your parents where your old books are? They may have saved them! I know my mom kept all my favorite books and sent them to me when I had kids. They were free and all the best ones.

Where to Find Cheap Books for Kids

When it comes to getting cheap books for kids, there are plenty of places you can start. Here are our top picks.

7. Amazon

Amazon is a great place to find low cost books. If you go here, you’ll get a list of bargain children’s books, both for Kindle and in paper. Amazon also offers daily deals on some children’s books, so check that out to save, as well.

8. Garage Sales

A garage sale can be an excellent place to find cheap books. If they have quite a few, gather them all up and make an offer they can’t refuse. This is a terrific way to find rarer and more interesting books taht aren’t readily avilable in most areas.

9. Subscription Boxes

If you’re interested in getting books sent to your door each month, a subscription box is the perfect way to go! There are tons out there, but we like Reading Bug Box and My First Book Club (Mom gets a goodie, too). They give you great, age-appropriate books every month for a decent price.

10. Thrift Stores

Value Village used to be my place of choice for finding cheap books for kids. You can often find them for just a few cents and stock up. If you choose board books, just be sure to disinfect them before giving them to your baby.

11. Ebay

Jump on the popular bidding site and find plenty of cheap books for kids. It’s a good spot to look if you want to get some books that are no longer in print, too. If you’re like me and can’t be bothered to get into the bidding, look for Buy It Now options.

12. The Book Depository

Jump over to the Book Depository, especially if you live outside the United States. They ship for free worldwide. While the price may be slightly higher than Amazon before shipping, it’s the best way to get books if you live abroad.

13. School Sales

Schools sell off their old books every few years and can be great places to pick up storybooks, readers for various grade levels and nonfiction or textbooks. Keep an eye out for sales.

14. Library Sales

Looking for books that are just a few pennies? Libraries frequently sell off old books for very cheap once they’ve gotten worn down. You won’t be buying sparkly new books, but that’s fine when you can buy 20 or more for the price of one new book.

15. Local Classifieds

You’d be amazed at what you can find on your local Craigslist, Kijiji or other similar sites. If you have specific books in mind, look for them on these sites. I’ve found the entire Harry Potter series on Kijiji for just $15, so it’s definitely worth checking out.

16. Bookstores

Often, bookstores will have bargain bins where you can find books that have been marked down drastically. They may be damaged somewhat, but it’s still a good deal. Check out the bookstores near you to see if they have any discounts.

17. Thriftbooks

Don’t have time or energy to go to a local thrift shop or bookstore to find cheap books for kids? Try shopping online at Thrift Books. They have excellent prices on used books and give you rewards for shopping, too. Plus, you get free shipping if you buy a certain amount of books. Definitely worth checking out.

Where is your favorite place to get free or cheap books for kids?

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