How to Make Sun Tea That Your Family Will Love

Having guests or just want to make some memories with the kids? Learning how to make sun tea is very simple, but it’s a great way to impress everyone around you, even though it literally takes two minutes of your time. Who doesn’t love super simple ideas like this?

To make sun tea, you need a large glass jar (1 gallon is best), tea bags, and water. Ideally, you’ll start with black tea. I like Lipton, myself, but you can really use any brand you want.

Fill the jar with drinking water and drop in eight or nine tea bags. Put the lid on the jar and set it in a spot where it will get full sun. That’s it. Let it sit for 3-4 hours, until it’s a little darker than you want.

To serve, add sugar to taste if you want sweet tea, then add two cups of ice cubes and stir until chilled. Refrigerate until ready to drink it. The reason for icing it so fast is to keep the tea from developing an unpleasant taste.

How to Make Sun Tea Even Better

While your basic sun tea is pretty darn tasty and very easy to make, you can get just a tiny bit more complicated and really impress

people if you step it up a notch. Seriously, these are great for family picnics and backyard BBQs for when you want people to be shocked and amazed at your culinary skills. Just remember to strain your tea before serving, since mint leaves that have been sitting out all day in the sun are less than appetizing.

Fruity Sun Tea

This method requires adding a handful of mashed or sliced fruit halfway through brewing. The best options include strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, and apple. You can also slice lemons or limes and drop them in at the beginning of the setting time. The flavor is gentle enough to infuse the liquid all day.

Minty Sun Tea

Add some barely crushed mint leaves halfway through the brewing. You’ll have extra refreshing tea to serve your guests. To crush, just bash the leaves with the handle of your knife.

Spiced Sun Tea

Drop a cinnamon stick and a piece of cardamom into the tea before brewing. You can also try adding a couple of cloves or peppercorns for some bite and lemon goes particularly well with this mix.

Herbal Sun Tea

Start with your usual black tea, but add some crushed herbs near the end of the brewing time. Rosemary, lemongrass and lavender are all excellent choices for this. Alternatively, you can use some herbal tea to make your sun tea and drop in some fresh herbs to add a little extra flavor.

Citrus Lover Sun Tea

Add orange, lime and lemon to get a bright flavor that everyone will enjoy! This is super simple and you can add a couple of fresh slices when serving.

Now that you know how to make sun tea, it’s time to get out there and impress your friends and family. Your kids will also love making the tea. Word to the wise, you know they’re going to be messing with it all day, make sure you put the jar on grass or another soft surface. That way, if they knock it over by accident, the jar won’t get broken.

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