Allergy Free Halloween Treats for a Safer Halloween

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allergy free Halloween treats

Are you joining the Teal Pumpkin Project® this year? If not, you should be! This just means that you’ll have allergy free Halloween treats for kids who need them. That makes it so much easier for families with a child who struggles with allergies.

One of the biggest issues with going teal is trying to figure out what you should give kids instead of candy. Not to worry! I’ve compiled some reinally awesome allergy free Halloween treats that you can hand out this year without getting egged.

Going Teal for Halloween

allergy free Halloween treatsWhat is the Teal Pumpkin Project? According to the official Teal Pumpkin Project page, it is “Raising awareness of food allergies and promoting inclusion of all trick-or-treaters throughout the Halloween season.”

Anyone participating in the project sets out a teal pumpkin to let trick-or-treaters know that they have non-food treats available. You can even add your home to a map so people around town know where to go for non-edible treats for their allergic children.

It’s easy to let people know, you just have to put out the teal pumpkin so it’s visible. There are a few ways to go with this:

Paint a Pumpkin

It’s surprisingly simple to spraypaint a regular pumpkin in teal. You can either carve it first, or paint on a face . . . or just leave it plain!

Print a Sign

No time to paint? No worries! The Teal Pumpkin Project has printable signs that you can do up in a few seconds and be done with it.

Buy a Pumpkin

How about an inflatable pumpkin in the perfect color? Or you might want a teal flashlight pumpkin to put on your porch!

Buy a Sign

For those who don’t want to print out a sign, you can go ahead and buy a cute sign. My favorite is this little banner that sticks in your lawn.

Non-Edible Halloween Treat Ideas

So, now that you’ve made sure everyone knows you have the non-edible treats, you’d better load up! Here are some of the best ideas for treats that kids won’t be allergic to. (Pro Tip: Skip latex products since some kids have latex allergies)

Glowing Fun

Who doesn’t love a good glow-in-the-dark treat? Lots of houses will be handing out the usual glowing bracelets, so why not go for something a little more unique?

Glowing glasses, finger lights, keychains and other fun items will be very appreciated by kids and parents alike. Remember the good house when you were a kid, the one that gave out full size chocolate bars? That’s what you’ll be when you opt for something besides the usual bracelets!

This party pack (shown to the left) is a good option and gives kids tons of choices! I also really like this set of 100 adorable glow-in-the-dark rings with little bunnies, pandas, and more.

Creepy Art Supplies

When it comes to non-edible Halloween goodies, you’ll find a lot of pencils, like this pack of holiday themed scribbling instruments. Again, most people will be offering this sort of non-edible item, so if you opt for something fun and unique, you’ll be the talk of the town!

Try something fun like syringe shaped pens or these awesome bone pens!

Other art and stationary supplies are good, too . . . try giving out a few stickers from a fun roll like this assorted set of 500 Halloween stickers, or you might want to let kids choose one of these mini coloring books.

Stickers are fun, but so are stamps and you can hand out self inking ones if you want, full of Halloween designs. They’re a lot of fun and kids love them!

Little notebooks are always a hit and will go nicely with the pens and stamps if you want to give those out together. However, you can also try giving kids some holiday themed crayons for their  coloring books, too.

If none of these items catch your eye, hit the local dollar store and see what you can find there. Often, there are holiday themed party packs that will let you choose a variety of fun items to put in your non-allergenic basket for kids looking for something besides candy.

Cool Halloween Toys

Though small, these toys may be a bit more than you’re used to paying for Halloween treats. I guarantee they are worth it, though. Not only can you give kids a really awesome treat on a day when they can’t collect candy like everyone else, you can also enjoy their faces light up when they realize what awesome treats you have.

Playdough is not suitable for all kids. If a child has a gluten intolerance, for example, they won’t be able to play with most clays. That being said, this massive amount of tiny playdough containers is a great option for anyone who doesn’t mind gluten. Plus, if you have any left over, they make great birthday gifts and little treats for the kids in your life. Get yours here.

Stretchy little monsters are always a big hit and kids will probably pick these adorable stretchy skeletons over most of the other items in your treat basket. Warning, they’re addicting and you’ll probably end up playing with them yourself. Likewise, these Halloween themed slinky toys are always a hit!

Punch balloons are good, too. You can either get the regular kind, which are cheaper, or special holiday themed ones to give away. Be sure to blow a couple up so you can just hand them out if kids want them already set to go.

Finally, these sweet little finger monster puppets are absolutely adorable and well worth getting for kids to enjoy. After all, if they can’t have candy, they can still enjoy a good finger puppet!

Other Awesome Items

Still trying to come up with some more awesome treats? I’ve got you covered. Just click on the images below to learn more about each treat.

As you can see, there are tons of awesome ideas to keep kids happy on Halloween. The allergy free Halloween treats featured here are all bound to mark your home as THE place to go on Halloween. And the best part? Any leftovers won’t go stale, so you can reuse them next year.

What is your favorite Halloween treat?

allergy free Halloween

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