Love Your Labour Natural Birth Program | My Experience and Review 2024

Love Your Labour Review Natural Childbirth Prep Online Course
by Genesis D
Updated November 28, 2021
Love your labour natural childbirth online class online review



My Verdict


The Love Your Labour (LYL) course by Corinne Brown is a hidden gem among the natural childbirth online courses. The program does not only help you get the natural labour experience you want (no matter if at home, in the hospital or birth center), but also educates your partner on how to support you in the best possible way – turn him into your man-doula.

Now, the program is not for every mama and it can feel a bit pricey at first. But for me it was well worth the investment in myself – after all how often do you really have the chance to shape your very own birth experience.

Corinne’s training and the helpful and supportive community made me feel uniquely prepared for my delivery and – most importantly – had peace of mind.

This being said – LYL is not just a course – it’s a community of mamas that support each other. And the weekly Q&As with Corinne helped me settle all my questions and worries.

No more wasted evenings going down endless YouTube rabbit holes. With LYL, I had everything at my fingertips.

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So you found the Love Your Labour program by Corinne Brown – and maybe watched her webinar (at least that’s how I found her).

And now you are wondering: “Is this the right program for me to support my pregnancy and prepare for my dream natural childbirth”?

When I came across Corinne and her training, I was around 32 weeks along.

I watched her webinar and would have loved to have a quick review to help me make up my mind.

Well, without a review at that time, I decided to take a leap of faith and purchased her program – and never looked back.

Easily one of the best decisions I have made for my childbirth.

So if you are considering purchasing the Love Your Labour Natural Birth Course by Corinne Brown, I’m glad you stopped by.

I’ve been in your shoes, Mama.

And after taking the class from start to finish, I’d like to give you some insights to help you make up your mind on whether this program is right for you.

When I found Corinne, I desperately wanted a natural childbirth. I searched the web up and down, and -of course – also investigated the usual suspects like Mama Natural, Pampers and Kopa.

But I didn’t really trust the marketing hype. I don’t doubt that they are good – I just was looking for something…

…more personal and engaging.

I took my pregnancy and birth experience very serious (and you’re probably too since you’re reading this)

One day, a post about Corinne’s webinar popped up in my feed. So I watched it and instantly fell in love with her energy, passion and overall aura – that woman is a real powerhouse.

I’m generally not that attracted to high-energy people, but Corinne somehow struck a nerve with me.

So I signed up and what can I say – I had a wonderful natural delivery without an epidural It was hard, but at the same time so incredible and fulfilling

I can’t thank Corinne enough for preparing me mentally and physically for my natural birth.

She literally empowered me to stay in control throughout the entire process. It was truly MY childbirth!

But enough about me.

Let me tell you about the course.

On the surface, Love Your Labour (LYL) is a set of natural childbirth education classes, from first trimester to the postpartum period.

The purpose of this course is not just labor and delivery, but also to teach mamas how to have a natural pregnancy for the first time.

It includes information on prenatal health, birth options, breastfeeding basics, and much more.

I say “on the surface”, because Corinne’s program is so much more. You can tell that she put a lot of thought into creating it. First, she tries to meet you where you are.

No matter if you have just started your research or have already spent hours on hours going down rabbit holes. Before diving into module 1, Corinne spends one hour bringing you up to speed on anatomy and what happens on a biological level.

Second, she provides very handy ‘protocols’ that you can print out. They prepare you for all kinds of different situations, from GBS to pain relief to having an epidural or c-section your way – if you choose to.

This way you have easy access wherever you are – some come in especially handy in the delivery room.

Third – and the part that really sets this program apart – the LYL community. With Love Your Labour, you get access to a vibrant Facebook group full of mamas that are on the same journey as you or have already completed it.

I loved reading the empowering and encouraging birth stories and experiences of other mamas, sharing advice and valuable insights.

It is so powerful to learn from other mamas who went through the same struggles (especially during these crazy times) and ask my own questions. This alone is a 100-times worth the price of admission.

And then there are the weekly LIVE Q&As with Corinne. If you’ve any questions that weren’t answered in the training, here’s the place to get them answered. It’s just amazing.

And finally – all this comes with Lifetime Access. So you can stick around in the great community after delivery and use the program for your next births. This is a great deal.

In the end, Love Your Labour is not only preparing you for giving birth (while it is the central aspect though). It also helps you overcome external challenges on the way towards and during natural delivery.

Because the medical system (read: your healthcare provider) is not exactly aligned with your interest in having that natural birth.

Corinne shows you the ropes and prepares you for various obstacles so that you can navigate and avoid them.

Who is Corinne Brown? Your Personal Guide On Your Natural Childbirth & Labor Journey

Corinne is the creator of Love Your Labour, former Naturopathic doctor, author of “The Badass Birth Goddess”, and mother of three.

She is super passionate about helping us mamas realize our dream birth experience. And she has already helped thousands of women fulfill their childbirth dreams.

And also beyond her teachings – she is just such a lovely and genuine person.

Corinne stands genuinely and firmly in your corner and roots for you. While her energetic, upbeat and passionate personality could be off-putting at first, she will truly empower you.

That means if you are thinking about having a natural birth, Corinne will be the one to remove all your fears and concerns.

Class Structure - A clear path without fluff (but with lots of supporting materials)

In most of the videos, Corinne talks over presentation slides and illustrates her points with many examples. But she also has classes where she is in front of the camera. (I loooove her induction dance video).

Her teaching style is relaxed and entertaining and also great if you want to watch together with your partner.

The course consists of 6 modules, each with several videos, protocols and other helpful resources.

In total, the course accumulates to over 14 hours of video! And with her charming and passionate personality, she turns her teaching into an engaging experience.

For me the hours of video just flew by.

And on that note: Corinne’s training is all about empowering you.

Unlike your usual sterile hospital-led classes, she shows and teaches you how to effectively cope with childbirth rather than struggling in pain.

It’s an entirely different experience.

The Content - A Fresh Breeze of Birthing Class That Meets You Where You Are

This is not a fluffed-up sequence of videos that feels like a chore to sit through.

On the contrary.

Corinne meets you where you are, takes you by the hand and guides you through your own, unique journey. All surrounded by her light-hearted and entertaining teaching style.

So pour yourself a cup of hot chocolate and make yourself comfortable.

You’re in for a treat!

After the initial video to brush up your understanding of anatomy, Corinne dives right into the first module about labor preparation.

You’ll discover how to soften the cervix, tone the uterus & position the baby correctly.

It’s like in sports – you’ve to prep and warm-up your body for top performance (and to avoid injury). Same here.

She also addresses how to cope with and overcome the fear of pain.

All the good stuff you expect from a positive labor prep class.

Module 2 is all about your partner (yes, the entire module).

Corinne teaches you and your partner how they can become your personal Daddy-Doula, birth partner and ‘support ninja’. She provides you with a bunch of helpful tools and methods your partner can use to make your labor easier.

Module 3 is all about breastfeeding. I was at first surprised to find this covered in a birth prep course, but it was really helpful when I had to latch my little one for the first time. Definitely a very insightful module for when the baby finally arrived.

In module 4, Corinne goes into birth preparation and all things induction, labor and delivery. This module also includes the induction dance I mentioned earlier.

But my personal highlight in this module are the ‘Hospital Birth Kit’ and the ‘Labor Room Survival Guide’. They were absolute lifesavers when I had to take my stand in the hospital to go through with the natural birth.

Module 5 teaches you how to discover and avoid common obstacles and pitfalls you’ll likely encounter during your journey – often unexpected.

Like dealing with objections your OB may throw at you – and that help you stay in control. It’s just a great feeling to be in control and ‘in the know’ and have the right reply at the right time.

This way you don’t have to blindly follow your doctor’s advice (because they clearly have different priorities than you).

And then, in module 6, Corinne goes into Birth Manifestation. Now, I have to say that initially I wasn’t really into this kind of things. It felt a bit too woo-woo for me.

But I tried it. I’m not sure whether it changed anything in the end, but I think it made me feel more calm overall. Now, that could also be imagination.

And finally, there are the 8 ‘protocols’ that help us mamas overcome different challenges that we face before and during labor.

Pro-Tip: The download links for the protocols are at the top of the screen.

Here are the protocols that come with Love Your Labour:

  • Gestational Diabetes Protocol (with meal plan),
  • GBS Protocol
  • Labour Prep Protocol
  • Natural Induction Protocol
  • Medical Induction Protocol
  • Pain Relief Protocol
  • Epidural Protocol
  • Cesarean Protocol

And last but not least, there are some bonuses that help you with choosing your birth location during COVID and also get you started postpartum.

For instance, Corinne explains why babies cry and how to calm them down.

Who is this course for?

Now, since you are here, you probably already understand why you want to take a natural birth prep class.

But just in case if not, let’s quickly discuss why mamas-to-be need natural birth classes at all.

I mean, it’s the natural thing, our bodies were made for it, right!?

Yes, and no…

The problem is that most of us do not live in a country that actively supports natural childbirth. The World Health Organization recommends cesarean section rates of 10 to 15%. But for instance, in the USA, cesarean rates are actually closer to 30%.

This is 2-3 times the recommended amount! Almost 1 in 3 women have a c-section (cesarean birth).

In October, a CDC study found that most American women use an epidural.

While studies do not give definitive results on whether an epidural increases your chances of having a cesarean section, they do show that childbirth becomes a medical event rather than a natural event.

The bottom line: Women giving birth naturally is sadly not the norm.

And then there is the general preparation. You also wouldn’t run a marathon without throwing in some weeks of training, right diet and warm-up.

Same with natural birth: your body was made for it, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t use some support.

That means, if you want a natural birth, you need to make sure that you prepare your mind and body before you go to that hospital or birth center (or of course, if you decide to deliver at home).

But please…

…whether you choose to go with this class, another online class, or a natural childbirth class near you: you should invest in your education and birth preparation.

Because it brings the highest return in terms of the likelihood of actually having that natural birth you dream of.

So, is Love Your Labour the right online childbirth class for you?

In my opinion:

  • if you are looking to have a natural and positive birth experience without or as little medical intervention as possible, or
  • if you want to give birth naturally at home, in the hospital or in a birth center (with or without a midwife or Doula), or
  • if you want to have a VBAC or twins, or
  • if you just want to have a positive birth experience, even if you plan to have an epidural or have a planned C-section

and if you are 38 weeks or earlier, you need this class.

The condensed knowledge, the personal live-sessions with Corinne and the community of like-minded mamas are just too good to pass on. (I know I may sound a bit like a fan-girly, but what can I say)

Love Your Labour is the only natural birth preparation class you need.

Who the course isn't for.

Now, obviously, this is not for every mama either:

  • if you prefer to have something printed in your hands,
  • if you prefer text over video,
  • if you want a class on hypnobirthing,
  • if you prefer one-to-one in-person instruction in a small group setting,
  • if you are not seriously looking to have a fulfilling natural birth experience

then this course may not be for you. In that case, I highly recommend exploring an in-person classes near you.

But no matter what you do – please don’t skip the benefits of a high-quality, well laid-out birth class. It will save you a lot of frustration, stress, time and – yes – money down the road.

What makes the Love Your Labour natural birthing course so special?

Here are a few things that I really enjoyed about being part of Love Your Labour and what I feel sets it appart from all the other courses.

The Labor Funnel Preparation

Unlike other labor preparation classes, this course actually prepares you beyond what is going on with your body.

Corinne puts a lot of thought in – and emphasis on – empowering you to understand and prepare you for what to expect, deal with doctors and hospital staff.

This way, you can stay in power during delivery when things can get a bit hectic.

Because – as hard as it may sound – your health provider often has 180° different expectations for your birth than you. They are not interested in a wholesome and empowering natural birth experience. They want it quick and as planned as possible.

Corinne helps mamas understand this and defend their dreams so they can avoid being pressured into having an epidural or c-section. As long as it is not medically necessary. (When you read birth stories from mamas that had prior childbirth before they found LYL you’ll understand – it’s really eye-opening)

The Community

Which brings me to the next highlight – the LYL community in the Facebook group.

This is not yet another dead group on Facebook. It’s a very active, safe and sacred place (and strict no-men zone).

Mamas-to-be, new mamas and experienced mamas share their birth story and advice and support for each other.

While it is part of Love Your Labour this community could easily stand on its own as a priceless resource for mamas who want to have a natural childbirth.

I could easily stand behind joining LYL just for the community.

Weekly Q&As

Corinne also has weekly Q&A sessions where mamas from all ranks and experience levels can join and participate – and I really mean PARTICIPATE.

This is not just a strict dialogue with Corinne, but often evolves into wholesome and very valuable group discussions where everyone can chime in and contribute in a very relaxed, yet safe environment.

Nobody has to, everybody can. I love these sessions, and they helped me a lot.

Lifetime Access

Yes, no limited access for a year. Once you’re in you’re in – FOR LIFE. This is great because you can use the program for your next births as well.

And I enjoy reading and participating in the group from time to time to share advice or ask questions.

After all, giving birth is just the beginning. And it’s sooo relieving to have a sacred place to ask question (or to just vent a bit when your partner screwed up again 😉 )

The Price

So let’s address the elephant in the room.

You probably landed here after you saw the price on the checkout page and wanted some more information on whether the program is what you are looking for.

Now, since you read all the way here, let me help you on that end.

If you saw the $795 price on the Brownroots Love website, then I have good news for you.

You can watch Corinne Love Your Labour webinar (and then click the buttons below the video) and you will get a steep $300 discount. That brings it down to $495.

But that’s not all.

If you use the coupon code “100OFF” during checkout (at the very bottom if the checkout form), you can get an additional $100 off.

Now we are getting there. That’s half of the original price.

Getting your hands on Love Your Labour for $395 is a great deal if you ask me.

Yes, there are cheaper courses out there, but let me tell you – none comes with weekly live coaching and a vibrant community of loving, like-minded mamas.

And the program itself is all you ever need – and you have access for life! No need to buy again for the next baby.

I know, it is quite a sum, but how often do you have the chance to have that natural birth experience you’ve been dreaming of?


And after you went through the program and are prepared for everything the labor funnel may throw at you, you will save much more than that on your hospital bill anyways.

Just saying…

The Love Your Labour Childbirth Class Review Conclusion: Is It Worth It?

So if you have been reading along all the way til here (and didn’t just scroll all the way down here… you did, didn’t you 🙂 ) then you can probably tell that love, love, looove the Love Your Labour Natural Birth Prep Course.

And I highly recommend to any mom-to-be I know.

I understand that deciding for a birth prep class is not easy (I’ve been there), especially when you’re not only investing a considerable amount of money, but also time and energy to go through the program and prepare yourself.

After all, the program only works for you if your work with it.

Now, if you are in it for the first time then let me tell you one thing.

There is little support for us mamas and our dream of a natural birth (especially from the medical community), so we have to take every help and support we can get.

And if you have been around the block already, you know what I mean.

Corinne is your cheerleader, and she has created an exceptional online childbirth class for mamas who are looking to have an unmedicated, all natural birth experience without medical interventions.

She has done such an outstanding job in empowering us mamas with the right tools and knowledge that we can face the head-winds and obstacles on our path to natural childbirth.

She is an experienced and refreshingly entertaining educator who has helped thousands of women – and I count myself in – have an all-natural, unmedicated birth experience.

With her program, she has created a restorative, empowering and unconditional way of being in touch with their body during delivery.

I’ve used it for two of my three births and have had two great experiences with it that I will remember and cherish forever.

Now, it’s your choice, Mama: if you want to invest into your very own natural childbirth experience that you can remember forever.

If you’d like to enroll in Love Your Labour click the button below. Maybe we’ll meet each other in the Facebook group.

Good luck, Mama. You’ve got this!

Use Coupon Code “100OFF” During Checkout to Save $100

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Discount Code for Love Your Labour?

Use discount code 100OFF during checkout to save $100 off of the Love Your Labour online child birthing course.

What is the refund policy for Love Your Labour?

Love Your Labour comes with a 14-day refund period. Plenty time to check out the program and decide for yourself whether it is for you.

How long do I have access?

Love Your Labour comes with Lifetime Access. Once you are in, you are in for life. Including the community, weekly Q&As and all future updates. This makes Corinne’s course stand-out from other courses.

I'm X weeks, is LYL still for me?

Now, ideally you want to join as early as possible to take your time and indulge in the community. But I think you are fine up to 37-38 weeks. You can still binge the videos and take advantage of some tools and exercises Corinne teaches. After that, you probably won’t be able to reap the full benefits from the course.

How long does the course last? Or do you just go through at your own pace?

Even though the course comes with weekly live coaching calls with Corinne in the Love Your Labour Facebook group, the program is completly self-paced and you can go through it in your own speed and as often as you like. The program comes with lifetime access and does not expire, even after you've given birth.

What is Love Your Labour's (Corinne Brown's) official website?

The official website of Love Your Labour by Corinne Brown is

How many weeks is the course?

The course is not structured in weeks but in modules and you can go through it as fast or as slow as you like.

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