The No-Candy Easter Basket

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no candy Easter basket

Easter is a time when Peeps marshmallows and chocolate bunnies are everywhere. But what if you don’t want your child to have a basketful of candy? Whether it’s an allergy issue or just that you want to limit the sweets, there are lots of fun alternatives to candy for your child’s Easter basket. Here are our top picks:

Easter Themed Books

Books are always a terrific gift, so your child’s Easter basket should have at least one of these books.

Peppa’s Easter Egg Hunt

This colorful book is perfect for your little Peppa fan! You may detest the pig, but a book is way better than the show, trust me.

Easter Lift the Flap Book

For the littlest chicks in your home, this sturdy board book is a great option for the Easter basket.

God Gave Us Easter

Want a book that looks at the true meaning behind Easter? This one is a cute retelling.

Fun Easter Crafts

What could be better than finding something to DO in your Easter basket? These craft kits are a great way to keep kids busy long after the eggs have been gathered.

Butterfly Painting Kit

What says spring better than butterflies? Kids of all ages will enjoy getting these to paint!

 Magic Scratch Shapes

We’ve used these before and the kids LOVE them. They come black, but reveal colors as you scratch them.

Stained Glass Crosses

Paint your very own stained glass crosses for the holiday and use them for decorations for years to come.

Little No Candy Easter Basket Stuffers

If you want to fill up a basket with goodies, these tiny treats are a great way to stuff a no candy Easter basket.

Bunny Stampers

How cute are these little self-inking stamps? Kids will be stamping everything in no time.

Mini Animal Eggs

If you don’t want to stuff the basket and eggs yourself, these ones come premade.

Bunny Emoji Stickers

Let’s face it, when it comes to kids, you just can’t go wrong with stickers!

Bigger Easter Toys

Sometimes, you just need a bigger toy to add to the basket. Obviously, this depends on the actual size of the basket, but here are a few ideas to get you started.


My kids are going nuts over these things and yours may be, too. Why not add some to a no candy Easter basket?


Lego Easter Hunt

If you have older kids, they’ll love this Lego kit designed just for Easter. (Click the link and scroll down to see more Easter Lego sets)

Hatching Dino Eggs

If your children are beyond the cute Hatchimals stage, they’ll probably like these dino eggs better.

Precious Moments Stuffed Animals

You can’t go wrong with a stuffed animal in the no candy Easter basket!

No Candy Easter Basket

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