Create a Baby Registry That People Will Love

Expecting a little one? Chances are, people will ask if you have a baby registry anywhere. You can set one up at a number of stores, but I like for this, just because they have pretty much everything you could ever want. A bonus? You can add items to your wishlist from other websites around the internet as you create a baby registry.

The trick is to create a baby registry that people will really enjoy looking through and that covers your needs without coming across as greedy. So, here are the steps you need to take to create a quality baby registry that people will love.

Set Up Your Baby Registry

First, go here and sign up for your baby registry. This is a nice simple process and you’ll be prompted to fill in your due date and such. All of this will give people the option of finding you on Amazon so they can buy the items on your list.

Once you have the registry created, you can start adding items to it. Now, this is where it gets tricky. It’s very easy to start drooling over all the cute stuff and clicking on it all, but that will just fill your registry up with things you don’t actually need. So, the next step is . . .

Decide What You Really Need

Sit down and make a list of what you need before you start surfing around Amazon. There are a few very specific items that you will want to put on the list and once you know exactly what you want for your baby, you can look for the perfect version.

Start with the big things, such as a crib, a portable play yard, rocker or bouncy chair, car seat and baby bath. These items are usually the most expensive, but they are also the most essential.

Next, look at the not so big items that you would like to have. These could include baby monitors, a mirror for the car, etc. Finally, you’ll want the smaller things that are needed, but could be cheaper. For example, diapers (cloth or disposible), wipes, burp cloths, blankets and swaddlers, etc. Baby bottles and pacifiers can go on this list, as well, if you want them.

Clothing and toys are the last things to look at. Remember that your baby will grow quickly, so you should think beyond newborn clothing and give people an option for buying up to 18 month sizes. Plan for a couple of nice outfits at each size and plenty of pajamas and sleepers for the first six months or so.

Toys aren’t exactly necessary for a newborn, but quickly enough, your baby will start grabbing things and playing with small toys, so it’s worth choosing a few to add to your list.

Add Items to Your Baby Registry

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices to the best of the best, it’s time to start adding them to your registry. It’s a good idea to start with the least important items and finish up with the things you really need for the baby.

Make sure you let people know how many of each item you need. For example, you might want to receive several packages of diapers in order to be prepared, or a couple of swaddle blankets. Letting people know what you need and how many will help them get the right amount.

What NOT to Do When You Create a Baby Registry

I’ve seen a lot of baby registries in my time and there are a few mistakes that stand out. Avoid these and you’re more likely to get what you actually need.

Don’t include multiple versions of one thing. Having three cribs is not practical, so pick one and stick with it. While you probably won’t end up with three cribs, you may also end up with nothing because people don’t want to make the decision. Do your research and select one version to put up.

Don’t leave the registry descriptions blank. People will realize why you want some items, but if it’s something like a cute outfit you absolutely love, let people know why you adore it!

Don’t hide it. You’ve made a registry, now share it around and make sure people know you’ve signed up. If you don’t, they won’t know where to look!

Don’t go nuts. If you have 1,000 items on your list, people will (rightly) assume you’re greedy and don’t really need anything . . . and they’ll probably skip your list. Stick to mostly necessary items and just a few “wants.”

Don’t use a cute name. When you create a baby registry, you want to use the name most people know you as, so they can do a search and find you easily. If someone searches your name in Amazon’s Baby Registry section, you want your list to pop up!

5 Things You NEED On Your Baby Registry

Not sure what you should be adding to your baby registry? Here are our top picks for items to include:

81zmwphtudl. Sx5221. Rock’n’Play Sleeper

These things are amazing. I would get this or a bouncy chair if I were to have another baby, simply because I found them so insanely useful.

When you can’t be holding your baby, a rocking or bouncing chair can provide your with a few moments of peace.

With all my babies, we had a bouncy chair, but this one is even better, with a more stable base and adjustable settings to help your little one get to sleep.

71gesipcukl. Sx5222. Nose Frida

Babies get stuffy noses, just like us, but it’s far worse for them because they need to nurse to stay strong . . . and that requires breathing through your nose. We had one of those bulb suction thingies for my babies, but they never worked too well. At least one grandmother suggested sucking on the baby’s nose to get those icky boogers out, but honestly, that’s too gross for me.

So, the Nose Frida is the perfect solution. You can suck that mucus out without actually getting your mouth full of gross stuff. There are hygiene filters built into the suction device, so you can safely clear your baby’s nose with minimal effort and no grossness.

912nue4xvl. Sx5223. Infantino Convertible Baby Carrier

Carrying a baby in your arms all day is exhausting. As the mother of a very colicky infant, I had plenty of experience with that and it wasn’t fun.

Since I live in Guatemala, I learned to tie my baby to my back with a strip of cloth. This isn’t always practical however, so a baby carrier can be a huge benefit.

If you have a fussy little one and feel like you can’t ever get anything done, a baby carrier is invaluable. You can put older babies on your back, too, making it easy to cook and clean without ever putting your babe down.

4. Infant Optics DXR-8 Baby Monitor22

Unless you live in a tiny house where you are always close enough to your baby to hear them, you’ll probably want a decent baby monitor.

This particular baby monitor set is definitely not a low budget item, but if someone wants to get you a high quality monitor, this is the set to go with. It has high quality video so you can see your child sleeping and keep an eye on them.

71cxlnzwfpl. Sx5225. Metene Infrared Thermometer

If you’ve ever had to take a baby’s temperature with a regular thermometer, you’ll know how useful it is to have something that you can check temp in seconds, without having to worry about getting anything in a tiny ear or armpit.

This thermometer is a lifesaver and we’ve used it a lot, considering we have three boys who like to get sudden fevers in the middle of the night. You can actually check temperatures without waking your child, which is something every mother needs.

Since it’s affordable, this a great option for those friends and family who are on a budget, but want to get you something you really need.

Create a baby registry for your little one today and you’ll have a link to share with friends and family who want to know what to get you. If you have a theme, be sure to include that in your registry!

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